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Dindigul, Chengalpattu, Chennai, Vellore, Pondicherry

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Welcome To St. Joseph's Hospices

A Home for Dying Destitutes

Where dying people from the streets are picked up, nurtured and given a HOME to live in.


We admit only dying destitutes abandoned by families and friends. There is no caste, color, sex or age distinction.

Dedicated staff

We have a dedicated staff of 24 young women and men who make all the difference to this place. A doctor visits us once a fortnight and is on call anytime.

How it's done

We run this place entirely on public charity with no government subsidy whatever. We recycle everything here and convert waste into energy

Our Mission

Our mission

Our mission is to give human dignity to those who otherwise die on the pavements, in bus stations , railway stations and other public places, abandoned by family and friends, and left to die like animals without any human dignity .

Our intention

Our intention is to give unsolicited love and care for those neglected by family and friends and thrown on the dust heap of our society by giving them a protected accommodation, a soft bed to lie on, with basic medicine, with a proper bath and clean cloth and three square meals every day.

Our Work

In last five years, more than 4,200 people have been healed and restored and have gone back to their places of choice. To date 1179 people have died in peace.

We welcome sponsors who can contribute however small an amount towards this..

What We Do

Once the patient is brought here

He or she is first washed, his/her ragged clothes removed and burned, hair cut and shaved, their wounds bandaged and are pumped with antibiotics, pain killers and a lot of fluids. They are given quality food according to each individual's particular need

Life here

The co existance of about 75 mentally ill people along with the predominant number of dying destitute is somethig unique about this place

Once a patient dies

He or she is bundled in a white sheet, flowers placed on the shroud and with all the staffs and priests present is given a short prayer ceremony suited to all religions and placed in our purpose built, reusable walts with dignity and respect.

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